Eleanor Academia:
Rock Star, Radio Show Host, Teacher... Thought Leader

by Mary Ann Reyes

Her electrifying instrumentation and original songs inspired thousands of students in the 2006 Virgin Records College Mega Tour. She has toured nationwide with Ray Parker Jr. and hosts the Number One CHR Broadcast Radio Network show "The LA Music Pipeline" in Los Angeles and Europe. She is known as "Guro El" or "Teacher" by her martial arts and percussion students and "The Black Swan" in the independent rock world. One thing is for sure, Eleanor Academia is one cosmic force that packs a punch.

From Girl Scouts to CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, this rock-singing, gong pounding, martial artist has some hard-hitting messages for humankind--evolve or die.

Her words are taken seriously by many. Hired by London-based business mentorship company, Merryck and Co., Academia is one of the world's most sought after "Thought Leaders."And her advice might change the way business leaders address social, environmental, spiritual and human concerns. What makes her special? Read for yourself in this exclusive interview for Vision Magazine's Mind Matters issue.

Vision Magazine: In your opinion, what are the issues humankind faces on the psycho-spiritual and material levels?

Eleanor Academia: First, it is clear that humankind still struggles after thousands of years to find that true path of self-determination in order to live a life of enlightened harmony with, not only other humans and the Universe, but within themselves. There is no separation between the psycho-spiritual and the material/body levels. All is One.Yet these are different aspects of one whole unit that must work together in order to establish a connection. [With this connection], true divine forces can resonate and elevate towards increasing its vibratory oscillations to a higher rate.

Second, humankind must learn to transform itself to a higher existence. To do that, it must evolve and continue to do so. If not, dire consequences happen. When not enough Light is produced, a very dark existence results...Hasn't humankind learned that if you fuel thoughts of suspicion, hatred and accusation, ultimately it leads to great stupidity, arrogance and violent actions of cruelty?

It is easier to yank out a live tiger's tooth with your bare hands than to live...a spiritually-based, discipline life [nowadays]. But let's say you wish to get off the treadmill of living as an 'entitled, demanding, whiny, needy human?"...Is there a better way to find your spirituality that doesn't get you caught up in a place you don't want to be in? There is always a better way, a better process and a better life for all. However, it takes discipline. Again, a lot of humans just don't want to do "the thing that is hard."

But for those who want to give it a try, there is always a door open... It must start with each individual making the sincere effort to evolve and do the hard work that [will] improve oneself in every aspect of one's life with constant drive, application and commitment. Who really does that? Humans can be very spoiled, self-absorbed, needy and stubborn--and they can talk themselves out of doing that which is hard.

The greatest challenge is overcoming self-deception. That is a sensitive area for everyone because everyone deceives themselves very well in many areas of their lives and will find it hard to admit it--this is what self-deception is about.

Over the years, I have realized there has been so much...'stuff' floating around that has actually confused many people and pulled them further away from their true spirituality and path. [That is] why I have finally decided to write this Book. In [it], an entire process is given of how one can go about finding and making their own path work for themselves... [It] is written for those who wish to find their own way [in] their own way.

VM: How do you identify "disharmony" and bring it into balance?

EA: I am glad you asked. Disharmony and harmony are...different aspects of the same thing. If you identify something as "disharmonious," you are choosing to identify it as such and it is expressed in that light. Something "disharmonious" to others may be "harmonious" to another group. So it comes down to perception...To a little baby who eats an entire bowl of ice cream instead of healthy baby food, it won't see the ice cream as "disharmonious" at all! It just enjoyed that lovely, creamy sweet taste and licked it all up. But the mother is horrified and sees it as "disharmonious"...When harmony is chosen as the perceived thing, then "disharmony" is not expressed and hidden, but still it is there. Again, they are one and the same.

VM: We mentioned you being invited by Merryck and Co. to become a "Thought Leader" for a number of high profile CEOs. With whom have you worked with and how have you helped them?

EA: [Merryck and Co.] is highly specialized and it is an honor to work with them. The executives involved are high-profile CEOs. I am bound by professional confidentiality [not to mention specific names of] these companies and individuals. Lets just say, though, that many are CEOs who run companies that gross no less than...one billion dollars per year. These CEOs are faced with tremendous responsibilities. Their every move and decision affects the lives of thousands of people. They can't afford to make mistakes. But they are human and they do. The best thing they can do is eliminate as much as possible the possibility of making bad choices...That is where I come in.

The CEOs involved were very eager to get down to business in doing the "thing that is hard" and getting results. It was very rewarding to see minor changes happen to [make] major transformations take place. When the CEOs are affected, a lot is accomplished because they are...the visionaries for their companies. They can return back to their companies with a fresh outlook, inspiration and a new energy to face their ongoing challenges [of] competing in the marketplace. This will inevitably affect their employees.

For more information about Eleanor Academia visit www.eleanoracademia.com or www.MySpace.com/EleanorAcademia. Her new CD When You Live is expected to be released Spring 2008. Her new book is scheduled for completion in summer of 2008.

Mary Ann Reyes is a freelance writer and healer.
She can be reached at maryann.reyes@gmail.com.

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